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 Piano Tuning 
Piano Tuning, simply defined, is the fine pitch adjustment of the numerous strings (wires) on your piano. Pianos maintain their pitch and tonality best when tuned at regular intervals.
What can you do to keep your piano in tune? Regular tuning by a qualified piano technician is the first priority. Controlling humidity changes comes in a close second (please see our "Humidity Control" section under "Services"). Piano tuning not only helps to keep the piano sounding good year round, but also gives the technician the opportunity to ensure that the 2,000+ parts in the piano action are adjusted and functioning correctly.
Sometimes, when a piano has endured a long period of time without being tuned, the piano requires a pitch raise or a pitch correction. This may also be necessary if the piano has encountered a high swing in relative humidity. The pitch raise is basically a quick, yet calculated initial tuning that compensates for the pitch crisis by over-correcting the pianos deviation from the target pitch. In other words, if the pitch of the piano is too low, the piano is first tuned above standard pitch by a calculated amount so when the technician begins the second, or fine tuning, he/she can expect each string's tension to be where he/she would have liked it to be to start with. If the piano requires a pitch correction it is not an optional step. It is better for the piano to see regular service by a qualified technician and never require this procedure.
How often should I have my piano tuned? There are several factors that affect the answer to that question. It is best to discuss the frequency of tuning with your piano technician, preferably while he is there in person near your piano. Most pianos in a home or institution that are in a stable environment and have been serviced regularly require bi-annual tuning.
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